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the OziOpti 'Poly'


The OziOpti 'Poly' Sail Training Dinghy is proudly made in Australia and has been developed by OziOpti specifically for Australian conditions, and to deliver the 'Little Tackers' junior sailing program.

It gains its general concept from the most popular sail training boat in the world, the Opti, but its build from Polyethylene results in a virtually maintenance free boat that reduces reliance on club volunteers and sailing school staff. Its wide flat bottom and ergonomically designed cockpit provides a stable platform for kids to learn how to sail.

The OziOpti 'Poly' could quite simply be the Perfect Training Boat!!

Join some of Australia's most progressive yacht clubs; Sandringham, Black Rock, Royal Prince Alfred, McCrae, Royal Queensland, Mornington, etc and see where it leads your junior membership!

Clubs & Sailing Schools click here.

Specifications: Length 2400mm, Beam 1140mm, Hull weight 45kg, Sail 3.36m2

Durable: Made from single layer polyethylene, a material that is much stronger than conventional fibreglass and multi-layer polyethylene.

Design: The OziOpti 'Poly' is based on a tried and tested junior boat. However, it has been made slightly bigger to comfortably accomodate two or three small kids (in fact adults have been spied) and take advantage of the latest materials.

Why is the 'Poly' square? Just like the Opti it is used to teach youngsters sailing as quickly and safely as possible. A round or V shaped boat will ‘roll’ in the water, making it very unsteady; boat tips over, kid gets wet or scared or both – no more sailing!!

Safety: The 'Poly' has full internal buoyancy and there are no sharp edges making it very safe for kids.

Operation: The OziOpti 'Poly' uses quality fittings from the world’s largest Optimist supplier – Optiparts, the sleeve sails and spars are very simple to rig. The drain port on the transom makes it easy for kids to hose out and clean after use; these also function as a venturi when underway. It even doubles as a tender.

Transport: OziOpti 'Poly' is easily lifted onto a roof rack by a child and parent and with an optional beach trolley can be moved around by a small child