Rental Option making it easy to Get Kids in Boats

12 January 2007 12 January 2007

Steven Bond from OziOpti is passionate about getting kids in boats. Bond believes the Optimist Dinghy is the key to the future. There are 400,000 of these snub nosed dinghies worldwide and it’s not unusual to see 1,000 boats at the European Championships. With 150,000 active sailors, it is by far the largest class worldwide. Now a boat rental option aims to further increase participation in .

Why is it the Optimist Dinghy so popular?

Bond says 'because its is affordable, is low maintenance, its stable for beginners, provides a level playing field and the class provides plenty of opportunity for kids to advance.'

Bond is looking at kids and sailing, recognising that there are many more sporting options for youngsters than when he was a 'tacker.' Bond continued, 'We are trying to remove the barriers where we can. Cost of Ownership is one. We are excited to announce the introduction of the EziOpti rental plan. Now parents can rent an OziOpti ‘Club’ model with class membership, registration and covers for $80 plus GST per month and at the end of the two year period; simply return the boat continue renting at a reduced rate or make an offer to buy. The EziOpti rental plan for the ‘Regatta’ model is just $95 plus GST per month.

‘Our major goal is to increase participation in our sport for the benefit of all stakeholders (sailors, clubs, industry, etc) and we do this by making entry level sailing more affordable, delivering world class products and, by providing a level playing field (via the Optimist Class and its strict one-design rules). We have already proved we can improve retention to previously unimaginable levels, better than 30%.

'OziOpti aims to maintain pricing of the ‘Club’ at $2,995 and the ‘Regatta’ at $3,650 through ‘07. EziOpti customers enjoy 50% savings on OziOpti charter and coaching plus special offers from suppliers.

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