EziOpti rental plan builds numbers

11 July 2007

OziOpti has developed ‘EziOpti’ a rental system designed to make entry level sailing more achievable and ‘Get Kids in Boats’.

OziOpti employs only the highest possible quality of products and services, which has led to families, clubs and sailing schools choosing us for their short and long-term rental requirements.


EziOpti is a two year rental agreement starting from $88pcm for the OziOpti 'Club' model with covers, beach trolley and class membership. The regatta model is $104pcm and there are a limited number of ex-charter 'Regatta' at $88pcm.

At the end of the two years you have three options; pass the boat to a younger sibling and renew the rental at 25% less, make an offer to purchase outright or, return the Opti.





Call Steven Bond on 0424 225 774 to discuss your childs requirements. 


  Customers around Australia choose OziOpti because we've proven that we're Number One   in terms of:

 §                Dedication – OziOpti is the only Australian company supporting the development of the Optimist Class in . OziOpti has invested many thousands of dollars with the view to give every Aussie kid the opportunity to try sailing.

 §                Service & Price - Provide the highest possible level of service at the best possible price.

 §                Quality of product - Top brands, fully serviced before each rental and in excellent working order.

 §                Affordability – OziOpti focuses on reducing the entry level cost of sailing, our rental system is no different. As the builder/importer of our products, we as the renter work from a cost price, unlike a retailer/financier who adds interest to the retail price. 

 §                Instant availability & Fast delivery – OziOpti has product available in all capital cities so we can deliver and provide onsite service within hours and provide product familiarisation at our next coaching session.

§                On-going service and training – OziOpti provides qualified coaches 24/7 via phone, e-mail or regular training sessions#. (commencing summer 07 -08)

§                National coverage – supporting the Optimist class in all states of .

Renting an Optimist Dinghy from OziOpti can solve a host of problems and provide many benefits. Here are some of the main reasons why our customers rent:

 §                Training - We will teach your child from learn to sail through to racing skipper#. EziOpti customers receive the same introductory support as outright purchasers with savings on all levels of coaching.

 §                Upgrade – moving from an OziOpti ‘Club’ to ‘Regatta’ is simple and easy with the OziOpti rental system, so as your child develops, the boat can too without you concerning yourself with the depreciation. 

 §                Budget and Financial Constraints – sailing is an equipment reliant sport, most families are restricted by available disposable income and providing equally for siblings.



 EziOpti is faster, simpler and more cost effective.






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